Empowering Small Businesses: Brunswick Invoice Finance

Empowering Small Businesses: Brunswick Invoice Finance

Running a small business isn’t easy at the best of times, but when you add cash flow problems to the mix, the challenge of maintaining a profitable business can seem overwhelming. Suppressed by tight cash flow, this anonymous Australian engineering consultancy firm was becoming increasingly worried about covering their accumulating expenses and wages, whilst also finding the investment capital available to fuel future growth. The most frustrating thing for this consultancy firm, was that the imbalance in their cash flow was not brought upon by poor management, or a lack of business, but instead by one of the most common challenges that impede small businesses in Australia. This silent cash flow killer, late and unpaid invoices. When traditional financing solutions were taking too long to be approved, and the credit limits imposed were unreasonable, our private personalised lending solution at Brunswick Invoice Finance provided an immediate lifeline to this business which otherwise seemed impossible. 

Meet our client and their challenges
Over 12 months ago, an anonymous small Australian engineering consultancy firm reached out to us at Brunswick Invoice Finance, like many small businesses, this firm was struggling with their cash flow. A tight cash flow led to suppressed investing opportunities, which made it hard for the owner to not only invest in the growth of their business, but to also keep up with the simple operational costs that includes but is not limited to staff wages. With late and unpaid invoices being the main catalyst for this business's cash flow struggles, the owner highlighted that their greatest challenge was how they handled their outstanding invoices. desperately seeking a cash flow buffer to allow for more flexibility in their business to enable investment opportunities into new markets and future clients, the consultancy firm looked towards our personalised and private financing solutions as an answer.  


Getting Started with Brunswick:
To get started our CEO, Sarah, sat down with the consultancy firm to discuss their unique financing needs and opportunities. Within these initial meetings, Sarah was able to personalise a tailored approach to best align our financing solutions with the consultancy's unique needs and situation. The owner of the firm has stated that Sarah and the team throughout their entire relationship has always been “friendly and good at answering questions”. 

Within these initial meetings, the owner of the consultancy firm was able to identify how Brunswick financing was different to traditional financing methods. “There was a couple of key advantages, one of them being their flexibility. Banks often have a lengthy process for approval and are often limiting in their credit allowances. Not only that but because Brunswick is a small business themselves, Sarah and the team are good at understanding the challenges and risks that small business owners face”. It was because of these evident advantages that the owner of the consultancy firm was confident in choosing to work with Brunswick Finance Invoice as opposed to other traditional financing options.

If you would like to learn more about how Brunswick Invoice Finance differs from traditional financing solutions you can read more here.


How our client overcame their initial hesitations:
Prior to committing to Brunswick, the owner of the consultancy firm had reservations typical of any business owner venturing into a new financial partnership. This was followed with a due diligence to understand the implications, costs, and risks involved with such a service. Our team was able to quickly alleviate these concerns with our transparent communication, and readily available resources which was later highlighted by the client stating that, “the best part of working with Brunswick was that they were open and transparent, and that they had been very helpful in managing more of our difficult clients”. Our personalised method of financing allows us to fuel our clients with confidence and clarity right from the very start of our working relationship. 

Our solutions to help our client excel through financial hardships:
We provide first-class support and guidance:
Consistently our team provided invaluable support and guidance to the consultancy firm. We offered clarity on procedures, shared templates for late payment communication, and provided fast and easy financial support when our clients cash flow was tight. 

We provided a lending solution that traditional financing doesn’t:
As mentioned above, our client stated that he chose us over a traditional financing solution because of a couple main reasons. 

  • We offer financing with no lock in contracts, enabling greater flexibility
  • We are a specialised lender meaning there is no credit limits
  • We can provide financing within 24 hours 
  • We are a small business ourselves meaning we understand the client better than anyone else

We provided immediate financial relief:
We were able to have an immediate impact on the consultancy firm as we provided the necessary financial buffer to enable the owner the freedom to navigate their financial hardships. The newly available cash allowed our client to better manage their cash flow, continue their operations with confidence, and pursue important growth opportunities with the necessary capital. 


Flexibility, transparency, and adaptiveness, why our client recommends us
Our client stands by our recommendation stating that we are “open and transparent and that they have been very helpful in managing our more difficult clients. We have developed a good working relationship with the team which enabled us to get the support we needed when our cash flow was tight”. The consultancy owner continued to include that he has “had a lot of positive experiences with Sarah and her team” and that he would “recommend Brunswick to other small business owners because they are good at listening to their client and offering good solutions to each unique need”.


Australia’s best small business financial lender:
Our on-going relationship with this Australian consultancy firm has exemplified the impact of our personalised financial solutions. Our financial support allowed us to address the immediate cash flow concerns experienced by our client and relieve the owner of some of his financial stress that was ultimately suppressing his business. Our financing was quick and easy, and done in a way that answered to the needs of his unique business. With our specialised financial support, late and unpaid invoices aren’t holding back this Australia business ever again. Our solutions generated the necessary cash flow buffer that our client sought, empowering the owner to confidently pay his operational expenses, and invest in growth opportunities. For more than a year Brunswick Invoice Finance has been a key part of this small business's success and as we continue to provide financial solutions all around Australia, stories like this serve as a testament to our ongoing commitment to provide the best financial support for small businesses in Australia.


If you are seeking tailored financing solutions, including invoice financing and lines of credit, and your business needed the finance yesterday, you can start your application here

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