Brunswick Invoice Finance: Get the Working Capital You Need to Keep Your Business Moving

Invoice finance is a versatile tool that can
help businesses unlock their cash flow and keep operations running smoothly.

This type of funding allows companies to access
capital quickly by using unpaid invoices as collateral.

How Can Brunswick Help Your Business?

We improve your cashflow so that you can stay in control of creditors & tax obligations by releasing Equity that’s tied up in your outstanding invoices.

• Assist you to maintain focus on sales rather than operational costs
• Quick Painless access to additional working capital when you need it
• Our funding grows in line with your business growth
• Improve your buying power
No Lock-in Contracts

Gives you renewed confidence to manage your businesses finances.

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  • Transport Industry

    How Invoice Finance Helped a South Australian Transport Company

    If your transport and logistics company is tired of waiting an average of 60 days
    to get paid for your invoices, we can help!

    Transport Companies 
  • Streamlining Invoice Collection for SME's

    For small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), cash flow management is crucial to their survival and growth. One common challenge faced by SMEs is getting their invoices paid on time, as late payments can disrupt operations and hinder business success.

    Professional Services 
  • Empowering Companies to Attract and Retain Talented Staff

    Are you constantly seeking innovative ways to gain a competitive edge to attract and retain staff? One strategy involves leveraging invoice finance to support strong cashflows. In this article, we'll explore how invoice finance can empower companies to attract and retain talented staff.

    Attract and Retain Talent 

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Are your clients delaying paying you? This is becoming increasingly common challenge among businesses and the longer you leave this issue the worse it will get.

We have developed a Cashflow checklist to help support your money management to ensure you are getting paid on time.

Who Uses Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance is an increasingly popular financial solution for businesses of all sizes and sectors. From start-ups to established businesses, invoice finance provides a cost-effective way to obtain the working capital they need in order to grow and succeed. Whether it's cash flow gaps or capital expenditures, invoice finance can help unlock funds quickly and easily when regular financing options are not available. With flexible repayment terms, competitive rates and tailored solutions customised to fit each business’s needs, invoice finance offers a hassle-free way for businesses of all types to secure the funds necessary for growth.

Accelerate Your Cashflow

We all know that growing businesses are hungry for cash.

Brunswick Invoice finance helps improve cash flow by releasing the funds owed to a business quickly, without the need to wait for payments from customers.

But just what is Invoice Finance? And how does it work?

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Invoice Finance at a Glance

In simple terms, if you sell goods or services on credit terms, you probably have to wait 30-90 days before you get paid, leaving you with a potential cash flow problem.

Every business, even yours needs cash to pay its bills & grow.

Your solution lies with us & ongoing access to cash raised from your Debtors Ledger.

Freeing you to stop worrying about money & concentrate on your sales.

Your Invoices = Your Security

Security Requirements for Invoice Financing Facilities are an important
consideration when choosing an Invoice Finance provider.

With Brunswick you can use your invoices and business as security so it can fully rely on itself, leaving your family home out of the mix.

Our finance lets you get on with business and profit as a result.

Streamlining Payments

An Easy & Reliable Business System

Simply send us copies of the outstanding (or new) invoices that you choose & we advance you initially 80% of the value of the invoices immediately.

You direct your customers to send their payments to our bank & the 20% balance is then paid to you less our charges.

We don't insist you sell us all of your invoices as you may have several quick payers.

You're in control...

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