Christmas Beers and Cash Flow

Christmas Beers and Cash Flow

There are a lot of businesses struggling with cash flow for various reasons such as the rising interest rates, increases in inflation and delayed payments from clients. The term ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ we are hearing a lot from our recent inquiries. Due to all these cash flow pressures on all Australian businesses, it means that delayed payments or extended payment terms with clients is making it hard for businesses to meet their own financial obligations on time.

This might mean that you are delaying logging into the ATO Business Portal to see the impending tax bill and its corresponding due dates. You are not alone; you might be facing these issues for the first time, and it could be because your clients are also facing it too. We are here to help.

Brunswick is a reliable solution to fix your delayed payments, so you no longer need to worry about it. We advance a percentage of funds against your outstanding invoices on the day that you issue them. Once your clients pay us, we advance the remainder of your invoice into your account less our fee.

Freeing up your cash flow whether you are a scaling up or continuing normal operations, we can help smooth out the bumps in your cash flow during the whole year. Unlike other finance companies we don’t offer you business loans that won’t reduce in size, once your invoices are paid your debt falls back to ZERO! It’s a short-term financing solution that helps to take the pressure off business owners to meet their tax bill, make payroll runs, keep the lights on and pay rent all on time. We can help keep your good payment reputation with your creditors.

We have a case study of a client who owns and operates a Craft Beer Manufacturing and sales business here in South Australia. This business especially over the Christmas period with increased demand for product has large contracts with Uncle Dan’s and BWS to fill, sometime the timing of these payments fall after Christmas.

This business still has need for operating cash flow in the weeks leading up to and over Christmas in payroll, rent, utilities, tax and other working capital commitments. By advancing the funds on their large invoices we help to bring those funds in as soon as the invoice goes out, this manufacture no longer needs to be worried about waiting for payment the money is in their account and they can focus on filling the Christmas Orders.

Please don’t suffer in silence, come and speak to us for an obligation free consult on your outstanding invoices and see if Invoice (Debtor) Finance is right for you and your business.

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