The Difference between Bank Lending & Small Business Lending

The Difference between Bank Lending & Small Business Lending

The Difference Between Bank Lending & Small Business Lending

Did you know that there is a far better option available to you as a small business owner for invoice financing than going to your bank? Traditionally, small businesses have relied on banks for financial support, but did you know that a much needed shift is underway? Brunswick Invoice Finance offers an innovative alternative to small business financing by offering a finance solution that is far less riskier and quicker than financing from a bank. 

What are the differences between traditional bank lending and private invoice lending?

  1. You Aren’t Forced to Stake Your Own Home as Collateral
    Bank overdrafts, often sought for cash flow emergencies, demand borrowers to stake their homes as collateral, exposing these vulnerable small business owners to undue and unnecessary risk. However, private invoice lenders like us at Brunswick Invoice Finance are pioneering a much more reasonable solution. By leveraging invoices and business assets as security, we can provide you as a small business owner a far safer avenue to securing finance without ever jeopardising your personal assets.

  2. You Can Receive Finance Far Quicker Than A Bank
    Invoice financing through private invoice lenders will accelerate cash flow relief. At Brunswick Invoice Finance we can often give access to funding within 24 hours. This quick finance turnaround is particularly beneficial for businesses grappling with extended payment terms or awaiting significant receivables, working with a company like Brunswick can help inject crucial and timely liquidity into your business, returning the power and control to you.

  3. You Won’t Be Restrained by Long-Term Debt
    Invoice financing with Brunswick represents a departure from conventional long-term debt obligations. When you partner with us your business has the flexibility to opt for a one-time or ongoing invoice financing arrangement, which means you can get financing without any lock in contracts. This freedom from protracted debt commitments enables you the ability to better navigate your financial commitments with fewer constraints.

  4. You Will Receive More Borrowing Capabilities
    Getting the right private finance lender is crucial if you want to be able to borrow at the same capacity as you would if you were to go to a bank. So limited borrowing capacity is the catch? Well no! At Brunswick Invoice Finance we are a specialised lender that can exceed the common borrowing limits of $500,000, whilst also being available to provide financing for much smaller needs.

Unlike other lenders we base our financing on the value of your outstanding invoices. This allows us to accommodate your business for a vast magnitude of your financing needs. This scalability and flexibility empowers your business to capitalise on growth opportunities without constraints, whilst also fuelling you with the confidence that we can be here to help you when you need, however you need.


Is your business in need of quick, easy, collateral free financing?

Unlock Your Full Business Potential with Brunswick Invoice Finance


The landscape of small business finance is evolving, and Brunswick Invoice Finance stands at the pioneer of this transformation. We empower you as a small business owner to transcend the limitations of traditional bank lending to unlock your businesses full potential.

Ready to revolutionise your approach to financing? Contact Brunswick Invoice Finance today and embark on a journey towards financial liberation and business prosperity.

Note: With Brunswick Invoice Finance, borrowers retain the flexibility to maintain their existing banking relationships.

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