Are you (Brunswick Pty Ltd) debt collectors?

Are you (Brunswick Pty Ltd) debt collectors?


Debt Collectors pursue payments that have gone beyond yours and our payment terms (ours are 90 days) or your comfort levels. They specialise in the calling in, collection and your rights within this area of Bad Debt.

We are your Financier; we provide cash from your unpaid invoices. If an Invoice goes beyond our 90 Day terms. We will work with you to find a solution to resolve the bad debt. This could be for example: you buy the Invoice back off Brunswick and manage your relationship with that client. If you always have a ‘late payer’ then maybe, they need a referral to Brunswick to help improve their cash flow too.

We do have relationships with local Debt Collectors or Liquidators if you require some support within that area we can make a referral for you, to one of our trusted advisors.

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